CHAS Service Rifle League

Due to the federal government implementing an Order in Council on May 1st 2020 which banned the use of a large percentage of the rifles we use for our matches, we will be allowing the use of any rifle any sight, optics a max setting of 4 power.

We will modify our courses of fire to allow the use of bolt actions where required.

The Service Rifle League Usually runs on the second Sunday of each month March through November. Please check the calendar on the webpage

In addition to Service Rifle, the league also runs Service Pistol and Sniper Rifle matches. Always check the on-line schedule for match dates and updates.

F-Class shooters may shoot any of the matches using the “F” class rules listed below.

Service Rifle and NRA Matches:

  • Any Service type rifle from any country from any time period (or reasonable facsimile thereof) If you think it should have or could have been used as a service rifle then use it! Civilian manufactured rifles are allowed.
  • Optics limit of 4X. Variable scopes that can be set for 4X are allowed.
  • Should be capable of 10 rounds in 30 seconds, from two 5-round magazines. Bolt action rifles that can use a 10 round magazine may use a single magazine.
  • No artificial support. (No bi-pods and resting of magazines on the ground). Slings are allowed and encouraged.
  • 40 Rounds (Usually. Bring more just in case)

Sniper Rifle and Sniper Team Matches:

  • Any rifle any sight (For Sniper)
  • Service rifle, (as above for spotter)
  • Bi-pod or shooting bag for support is permissible, (For Sniper only) although some shots may be unsupported from various positions. Slings are allowed, single point is allowed
  • 20 Rounds (For Sniper Matches)
  • 40 rounds (For Sniper team Matches) Each shooter will fire both positions.

F-Class Rifle:

  • Any rifle any sight
  • Optics are unlimited
  • Any supports are permissible
  • Shooter can use any position, including bench

Stangskyting (Norway Match) # 4

(Optional match to be done after a Service Rifle course of fire # 1, Check calendar for specific dates of this match)

Any centre fire bolt action or semi auto rifle.
Three classes:

1. Bolt action
2. Semi auto and
3. Optically sighted

Slings are allowed and encouraged.
No maximum number of rounds, 3 x 5 shot magazines or stripper clips

Service Pistol:

  • Any service pistol or revolver from any country from any time period (or reasonable facsimile thereof)
  • Two magazines/speed-loaders/chargers
    Holster is optional
  • 50 rounds

Course of Fire For Service Rifle Matches and NRA Matches

Course of fire for Service Rifle match (# 1)

5 rounds sitting, 3 minutes
5 rounds sitting snap, 1 round for each 5 second exposure
5 rounds Prone, 3 minutes
5 rounds Prone snap, 1 round for each 5 second exposure

10 rounds prone rapid in 60 seconds, (2 magazines)
5 rounds prone snap, 1 round for each 3 seconds exposure
5 rounds sitting snap, 1 round for each 3 second exposure

Course of fire for NRA 300 and 200m Service Rifle match (# 2)

200m and 300m
10 rounds slow fire standing 10 minutes
10 rounds slow fire kneeling 10 minutes
10 rounds rapid fire sitting 1 minute
10 rounds rapid fire prone 1 minute

Course of Fire for NRA 500m Match (Joe Leger Match) (# 3)

200m Slow, Standing 10 rounds 1 min/shot
200m Rapid, Sitting from Standing 10 rounds 60 sec
300m Rapid, Prone from Standing 10 rounds 70 sec
500m Slow, Prone 10 rounds 1 min/shot

Course of Fire for Norway Match # 4

200m and 300m, rapid, prone, unlimited rounds, 25 Sec.
3 x 5 round magazines max, extra rounds may be hand loaded into rifles after all 3 magazines have been expended. Shooters may begin with 1 round in the chamber then a 5 round magazine inserted. Shooters begin in the prone, low ready position, rifles loaded but not shouldered. On the command “Shoulder” rifles are brought to the shoulder and on target, firing commences on the “fire” Command.
8 shooters at 200m, 8 shooters at 300m. After firing, targets are scored and patched then shooters return to firing point and move to the other distance.

Course of Fire # 5 THE MAD MINUTE

200m prone rapid fire, unlimited rounds 1 minute

Any rifle, any sight any action

Course of Fire for Sniper Matches will be given to the shooters the morning of the respective match

League Director: Scott Stack

All matches are conducted on Range #1 (200/300/500m)
Match fee is $5 for CHAS members, an additional $20 for non-members day pass.

  • 11 Oct Service Rifle  (course of fire # 1)
  • 08 Nov Sniper Rifle (Team) Rifle