Learn 2 Shoot Canada

Courses  for handgun (pistol/revolver)

  • No license (PAL) required
  • All firearms and ammunition provided
  • Special pricing available for couples

Courses are comprehensive 7 hour very full days teaching the basics:

  • breathing
  • Proper hold
  • trigger control and manipulation (Single and double action for revolvers)
  • correct use of iron sights
  • To book a course, for more information, and course prices, contact: learn2shootcanada@gmail.com

2022 Course Schedule

27 Mar
24 Apr
22 May
26 June
24 July
21 Aug
18 Sept
16 Oct

Pistol courses are conducted on range #3 using a wide variety of .38 Special Revolvers and 9mm pistols. All shooting is done between 7 and 20 yards. We begin the morning with .38 special revolvers learning single action and then double action shooting techniques then moving on to 9mm pistols in several different trigger action types, including single, double action, exposed and enclosed hammer and striker fired.

After the course material is covered, we open up the “Historical Tickle Trunk” and bring out a number of Revolvers and pistols from as early as 1900 including the famous P-08 Luger and several interesting pieces from history.

Students are required to bring:

  • Eye Protection (safety glasses)
  • Ear Protection (ear defenders, ear plugs)
  • water and lunch
  • clothes appropriate to the weather conditions

Pistol Course Lesson Plan

  • PO 101 range etiquette and Safety, the 4 rules
  • PO 102 introduction to handguns
  • PO 103 Loading and unloading
  • PO 104 Immediate Action and Stoppages drills
  • PO 105 Aiming the handgun (How to)
  • PO 106 Basic firing stances
  • PO 107 Firing the handgun
  • PO 108 Scoring