Membership – Next Step

After you send payment, these are the next steps:

If you are a new member (or were not a member the previous year) you will need to:

View the online orientation定向视频也提供中文普通话

Review our rules and regulations

Complete the orientation & rules exam

Email a recent photo to
Head & shoulders.
Bright ( face your light source such as a window).
Avoid half face shadows.
Face must be unobstructed
A simple jpeg taken with your cell phone works best.
Please don’t send a picture by mail unless this is your only option, as it will delay processing of your membership.
A new picture at renewal is welcome.

(A cel  phone photo is sufficient if you can do it like a good photo below)

Remember, it can take up to 3 weeks for you to receive your membership in the mail.

If, after 3 weeks, you still have not received it, you can inquire at the following email:

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Finally, CHAS is a volunteer-run organization.
Please consider volunteering for us.
If you are interested, please contact one of the executive.