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2021 CHAS Membership Test

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5. 1. What should you always do before you head out to the range?
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6. Where can you find a calendar featuring all of the events that are happening on the range?


7. After using your range access card to open the gate to the range, what is/are the next thing(s) you should do?
Choose all that apply.


8. Which range is steel core ammo permitted to be used on the club-provided hanging steel targets?


9. You have called a ceasefire on Range 1. What is the next step you should do before walking downrange to look at your targets?


10. Where should you park when you come to the range?


11. When a ceasefire is called on Range 4, how should you leave your pistol?


12. What arc of travel should you keep your shotgun within when you are shooting on the shotgun range?


13. Where is an acceptable place to put your spent plastic shotgun casings when you are done shooting?
Choose all that apply


14. Which of the following types of archery points is only permitted on member provided archery targets and is not permitted on club butts?


15. When people are down range, what are you not permitted to do?


16. Which positions are you permitted to shoot from?
Choose all that apply.


17. You notice that a hanging steel target is broken and the wooden backboard is falling out of the target stand it. What should you do?


18. Where do misfires go?


19. Which of the following is not one of the rules of safe firearms?


20. You can shoot steel core ammunition and .50 BMG on range 2 at the club-provided hanging steel targets.


21. You can shoot steel core ammunition on range 2 and 3 at the wooden backstops.


22. You can shoot slugs at both the club-provided hanging steel targets and at paper targets on both range 2 and 3.


23. You can shoot at the club-provided hanging steel targets on the 50 m range with your centerfire rifle.


24. You can shoot your centerfire rifle on range 4.


25. You can shoot 7.5 shot size or smaller on the shotgun range (range 5).


26. You can shoot steel targets or stands on the shotgun range (range 5).


27. You can use any kind of bow on the archery range (Range 6).


28. You do not need to pull all your targets down if other people are still shooting when you leave.


29. Eye and ear protection is mandatory.


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