CHAS Members have access to two range facilities; the Genessee Range, and the Phoenix Indoor Range.

Genessee Range
is a premier range facility located West of Edmonton in Leduc County. CHAS members are able to use the Genessee Range 365 days a year – although there are sometimes events going on that use a range – check the calendar before you plan to head out, just to be sure you will be able to use the range you want. Members may bring guests.

  • How many people can I bring to the Range as guests?

    You may bring as many as you like as long as the following conditions are met;

    A)  All guests have paid the required $20 guest fee. (this is to cover the insurance fees for non-members)

    B)  Only 3 guests may shoot at one time.  While they are shooting the member is not.

    C)  Member must assume responsibility for all guests they bring onto the range.

    Please read the range rules highlighted in red and watch the video.

CHAS Rules & Regulations v1.7

Orientation Video

The range operating hours may be found on the Genessee Range Hours page.

There are six ranges at Genessee

  • #1 – 200m / 300m / 500m / 800m Rifle – Stan Beaumont Memorial Range
  • #2 – 100m Rifle – Ted Simmermon Memorial Range
  • #3 – 50m Pistol/Rifle – Ivor Leander Memorial Range
  • #4 – 0-25m Pistol – Len Dinning Memorial Range
  • #5 – Shotgun
  • #6 – Archery – Gilbert Barber Range

Google map link to the Genessee Range

CHAS Orientation
This orientation is used for new members in educating them on the range. However, it is available for any existing member who wants to review.
CHAS Orientation 

Genessee Range Deviation Form
This form is used for organizing special events. Please speak to the executive before submitting this form.
CHAS Genessee Range Deviation Form

Phoenix Indoor Range
CHAS Members are able to use the Phoenix Indoor Range with a 45-minute session on Tuesday evenings each week, from 6 pm until close at 9:30pm.


There are two ranges at Phoenix:

  • 15m Pistol Range
  • 40m Rifle Range

Google map link to the Phoenix Indoor Range