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Sierra 64 Riflecraft provides customized training to small groups and individuals in precision rifle, carbine and pistol. We do not run pre-packaged courses.

Each training session is tailored to fit the needs of the individual or group. We can help fast-forward your learning, saving you years of time, ammo, money, and frustration. Training takes place on ranges in your area, primarily in Edmonton, Edson and other Alberta ranges. We travel as required.

We believe in Mindset before Skill over Gear. This means that we reinforce your software, not just your hardware. Mindset gives you the mental tools to perform when and where it counts, as performance shooting is a largely mental skill- in competition, hunting or combat. Mindset teaches you to control motion, and emotion.

Skills are introduced in Training, which teaches you what and how to Practice. Each training session includes a “homework” practice plan that enables you to cement each skill. We focus first on fundamental skills, as we know that Fundamentals win Firefights.

Gear will be dictated by your goals, and will evolve with your Mindset and Skills. Bring what you have. Invest in yourself before you invest in gear. While we do not sell any products, we can help you figure out what you need and where to get it.

We do not care if you train with us, as much as we care that you DO train. We can help you find other quality instructors if they better suit your needs, including Burton Tactical, Rob Furlong Marksmanship Academy, Milcun, Millbrook and others.

I am a retired Airborne Regiment / PPCLI Master Sniper with multiple operational deployments, plus success competing with pistol, service rifle, and sniper rifle at the national and international level. Our instructors include active duty military and police trainers, and bring a diverse wealth of training, competition and operational experience to the range.

Detailed CV available upon request. Fire a Perfect Shot, on Demand, Under Pressure.

Train with Sierra 64 Riflecraft. Ben Klick Sgt (Ret’d) S64

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