Sierra 64 Riflecraft

Sierra 64 Riflecraft provides customized training to small groups and individuals in precision rifle, carbine and pistol.

Each training session is tailored to fit the needs of the individual or group. We can help fast-forward your learning, saving you years of time, ammo, money, and frustration. Training takes place primarily at the CHAS range West of Edmonton. We travel as required.

We believe in Mindset before Skill over Gear. This means that we reinforce your software, not just your hardware.

Mindset gives you the mental tools to perform when and where it counts, as performance shooting is a largely mental skill- in competition, hunting or combat. Mindset teaches you to control motion, and emotion.

Skills are introduced in Training, which teaches you what and how to Practice. Each training session includes a “homework” practice plan that enables you to cement each skill. We focus first on fundamental skills, as we know that Fundamentals win Firefights.

Gear will be dictated by your goals and will evolve with your Mindset and Skills. Bring what you have. Invest in yourself before you invest in gear. While we do not sell any products, we can help you figure out what you need and where to get it.

We do not care if you train with us, as much as we care that you DO train. We can help you find other quality instructors if they better suit your needs, including Prairie Long Range Academy, Call Sign 66, Rob Furlong Marksmanship Academy, Milcun, Millbrook and other.

Sierra 64 Riflecraft will continue to help fast-forward your learning, saving you years of time,  ammo,  money  and frustration. We provide customized training, tailored to fit the needs of the individual or group. We do not run pre-packaged courses.

We are pleased to offer advanced aiming training, including the use of Tremor 3 and Tremor 5 reticles. Come learn how to use these reticles to hit more, faster, easier.

In 2022, we will continue to provide individual and small group (1 to 4 students) training sessions on weekdays, year round. Contact us to arrange your date.

We will conduct weekend Large Group sessions for those who cannot attend on weekdays. Note that the content of each session is up to you. Sign up early and you help design the training.

16 April – Precision Rifle Fundamentals.

21 May – Precision Rifle Fundamentals OR Tremor 3 / Tremor 5 reticle

18 June – Tremor 3 / 5 reticle and Advanced Aiming Techniques.

3 Sept – Position Shooting OR Advanced Aiming / Wind / Kestrel / Other.

15 Oct – To be confirmed – What do you want to see?

Sample of some subjects you can choose from;

Intro to Parts of Mind
Mental Management – Perfect Shots, On Demand, Under Pressure

Mental Program

Training Plan Development

Fundamental Skills
Marksmanship Principles

Position and Hold

Natural Pointing

Sight Alignment and Aiming

Shot Release and Follow Through

Integrated Act of Firing a Shot

Prone unsupported

Military Prone
Prone bipod and bag

Alternate Prone Positions

Kneeling Positions

Sitting / Squatting / Standing Alternate Positions

Group and Zero

Muzzle Velocity Calibration at 800m
Dial elevations 100-800m

Hold elevations 100-800m

Advanced Aiming;

Maximum Point Blank Range

Speed Drop / Dial Down

12” rule

Multiple Target shooting

Kestrel 5700 Elite use;

Profile setting and Kestrel set up

Gathering Environmentals

Basic CRUSH procedure

MV Calibration

Target and Range cards

Accuracy first pages

MV Temp Tables

Practice Procedures

How and what to Practice

1 month Practice Plan

Our content is highly flexible to meet your training goals and needs, so let us know what you want to see.

Small Group and Individual Sessions are $400 each person.

Large Group (4-12) are $350 per person.

Email for questions or to register.

Let us know how we can help you make your Good, Better, and your Better, Best!


Ben Klick
Sgt (Ret’d)

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