Each item indicates which range or ranges are reserved for that event. All other ranges remain open to the membership during regular operating hours.

Statutory holidays, regardless of which day of the week they fall on, have Sunday hours. The gate will not open before 11:00 am, no matter how many times to try to swipe your card, who you email or call to ask why.

CHAS 2020 Calendar

15WedCowboy Action31600
17FriWRAS1,51800Set-Up for PRS
18SatMapleseed3All Day
18SatWRAS1, 5All DayPRS
19SunLearn 2 Shoot Canada309:45Pistol Course
22WedCowboy Action31600
24FriCowboy Action31400Set Up for 25th
25SatCowboy Action3All Day
25SatSierra 64 Riflecraft1All DayPrecision Rifle  – Wind / Kestrel
29WedCowboy Action31600
1SatSierra 64 Riflecraft1All DayPrecision Rifle  – Unknown Distance Field Firing
2SunService Rifle111:00Joe Leger Annual Memorial Match Course of Fire # 3, 200m, 300m and 500m
3MonHeritage DayAll Ranges1100 OpenHoliday Hours
5WedCowboy Action31600
8SatCHAS 3 Gun1,3,5All Day Shotgun Bays 3, 4
12WedCowboy Action31600
15SatFall Women’s DayAll RangesAll Day
16SunLearn 2 Shoot Canada3All DayPistol Course
19WedCowboy Action31600
22SatIPSC1,2,3,4,5All DayRange 6 (Archery) available
23SunIPSC1,2,3,4,5All DayRange 6 (Archery) available
26WedCowboy Action31600




1 and shotgun
7Mon Labour Day1100 OpenHoliday Hours
14MonGeneral MeetingN/A1900At Kingsway Legion
12SatCHAS 3 Gun1,2,3,4,5All Day
13SunService Rifle111:00Individual Sniper, Pistol
14MonGeneral Meeting1900 hrs Kingsway Legion
19SatMapleseed3All Day
27SunLearn 2 Shoot Canada3All DayPistol Course
3SatCHAS 3 Gun1,3,5All Day Shotgun Bays 3, 4
5MonGeneral MeetingN/A1900At Kingsway Legion
11SunService Rifle11100 200/300m C of F # 2


Thanksgiving Day
All Ranges

1 and shotgun
1100 OpenHoliday Hours
24SatSierra 64 Riflecraft1All DayPrecision Rifle
25SunLearn 2 Shoot Canada3All DayPistol Course
2MonAnnual General MeetingN/A1900At Kingsway Legion
7SatCHAS 3 Gun1,2,3,4,5All Day
8SunService Rifle11100Team Sniper
11WedRemembrance DayAll Ranges1100 OpenHoliday Hours
14SatSierra 64 Riflecraft1All DayPrecision Rifle
22SunLearn 2 Shoot Canada1All DayRifle Course – 200m Only
5SatCHAS 3 Gun1,3,5All Day Shotgun Bays 3, 4
7MonGeneral MeetingN/A1900At Kingsway Legion
25FriChristmasAll Ranges1100 OpenHoliday Hours
26SatBoxing DayAll Ranges1100 OpenHoliday Hours

The ranges at Genesee are designated as follows:
#1 – 100m – 800m Rifle – Stan Beaumont Memorial Range
#2 – 100m Rifle – Ted Simmermon Memorial Range
#3 – 50m Pistol/Rifle – Ivor Leander Memorial Range
#4 – 0-25m Pistol – Len Dinning Memorial Range
#5 – Shotgun (4 shotgun bays and a patterning area)
#6 – Archery – Gilbert Barber Range