2024 Memberships are now open for the year. 

If you did your orientation for your 2023 membership, you will not be required to redo it for 2024. If you are a new member or did not complete the orientation for the 2023 year, you will be required to complete it before your application is approved. 


New and Renewing Member Steps:

  1.  Set up a new membership portal account. Click Here
  2.  Upload a picture to your profile (This will be the photo on your membership card). Head & shoulders, bright (face your light source such as a window). Avoid half-face shadows. Your face must be unobstructed. A simple photo taken with your cell phone works best.
  3. Submit the membership application fee of $225.00 for the 2024 year (January 1st to December 31st).
  4. Complete the orientation and score 80% or better

Payment Methods:

  1.  EMT sent to [email protected] (Preferred)
  2.  Check or Money Order mailed to us
  3.  Cash, Check, Money Order, or Debit/Credit at Monthly Meetings
  4.  Cash, Check, Money Order, or Debit/Credit at Tundra Supply (15355 116 Ave, Edmonton, Alberta)

Things that hold up your application:

  1.  Payments under a different name or company name with no indication of who it is for
  2.  Waiting for a picture
  3.  Orientation
  4.  Sending the wrong amount of payment

When an application is received, the Membership Chair looks for all required information. If any is missing, she needs to take time to email and request it. Your application goes onto the “complete when information comes in” pile. Membership will endeavour to complete your application as soon as possible.

Membership quick facts:

  • Membership fee for 2024 is $ 225.00
  • Memberships are valid for the calendar year,  From Jan 1 to Dec 31 and are not pro-rated. Buying early in the year is best to get the most value from your membership.
  • Memberships for the following year are available after each Annual General Meeting in November.
  • Members can use the CHAS outdoor range at Genesee.
  • You may take guests to the outdoor range, but they must pay a $20 guest fee each. See full guest policy for more details.

Applying for a New or Renewing Membership by mail:

If you would prefer to mail in your application and pay by cheque or money order, please fill out and print the 2024 CHAS Membership Form.

Please do not send cash in the mail!

We do not accept “Post Dated” cheques.

Please make your cheque or money order payable to “The Canadian Historical Arms Society”.  Make sure the cheque you are using has the name of the applicant on it, and in the case of a renewal, please put your membership number in the “Memo” line, then send it to:

Canadian Historical Arms Society
P. O. Box 901
Edmonton, AB,
T5J 2L8

Click here to see frequently asked questions

Society Bylaws are available upon request to the secretary.


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