CHAS 3-Gun League

Our 3 gun league is the most active monthly 3 gun league in Canada.

Equipment needed:

  • Centrefire Pistol with 4 (preferably 5) magazines and a Kydex retention holster
  • Centerfire sporting rifle of some kind
  • 12  gauge Shotgun – Pump or semi-auto
  • Belt, Tac Vest or Pockets for your magazines, shotgun shells and caddies.
  • Full division details can be found in Appendix D of the CHAS 3 Gun rulebook

League Executive

President – Chris Vansickle CHAS 3-Gun [email protected]
Vice President – Michael Yakimowich
League Admin – Jennifer Hodge [email protected] 
Director, Special Events – Jay Vold
Director, RO Onboarding/Training  Craig Carter


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