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2023 Memberships are now open for the year. 

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SPECIAL NOTICE: The range has resumed normal operations as of Thursday, August 11th, 2022. There has been a change in range operating hours.

All times are in 24-hour format.  

** All shooting is to cease at close time or sunset whichever occurs first**



Monday – Saturday0700 – 2000 OR SUNSET WHICHEVER COMES FIRST

A quick note on meetings!

Monthly Meeting First Monday of the month

Caernarvon Hall 14830 118 St NW

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada,T5C 0Y3

A short note on memberships:

If you do not have, a 2023 membership card, in your hands, your membership is not complete!

A short note on memberships:

Just because you sent your EMT for your annual membership payment, does not mean it is immediately active.  You must wait until you receive your 2023 membership card before you attempt to use the range. Your gate card will not work until it gets turned on, it will be activated a couple of days after your card is mailed.

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Finally, please do not email membership unless you have not received your membership card after at least 3 weeks from your application or renewal. More emails mean more time to read them which mean longer to get your membership.

Email all membership complaints to srpl[email protected] and they will dealt with with in a timely fashion.

2023 Memberships are now available.

Always check the online calendar BEFORE heading to the range!

Updated Rules & Regulations:
Please note that we have updated our Rules & Regulations.

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General Club Information:
The Canadian Historical Arms Society was founded in 1967 by a group of individuals interested in the collection, preservation, and application of all categories of arms, from bayonet and Samurai swords, antique and modern military arms and accoutrements to black powder muzzle-loaders.

Today CHAS members are of diverse ages, backgrounds, and ethnicities. Club members include everyone from students, homemakers, farmers and Armed Forces members to realtors, teachers, doctors and accountants.

CHAS undertakes a wide variety of activities throughout the year. In addition to hosting monthly meetings, hosting a web site, and supporting a number of local charities, the club provides access to outdoor ranges for its members to encourage active participation in shooting sports. CHAS owns the Genesee outdoor range southwest of Edmonton which is one of the best outdoor shooting facilities in the region. The club also hosts a number of shooting leagues and events at the range.

The Canadian Historical Arms Society is a registered not-for-profit society in Alberta, founded in 1967

The Objects of the society are:

  • To provide our members with a means to discuss historical artifacts and arms
  • To encourage the safe handling of and respect for arms
  • To further the knowledge of our members as to the history of arms and their restoration & maintenance
  • To promote recreational and social activities among the members of the society
  • To promote public awareness of the historical value of arms.

Monthly meetings are usually held on the 1st Monday of the month, if that Monday is a holiday, the meeting will be the following Monday.

Please check the calendar for dates meeting dates for 2023. Right now, all subject to Covid-19 restrictions.


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