Got a hankerin’ for the Old West? Office pressures getting you down? Come on out and blow off some stress reducing lead!!! Low velocity smokeless or old style “Holy” Black Powder—Your choice.
The “Spirit” of the game and having a good time is our goal. We like to dress up in our Cowboy Gear,
and think that only sissies don’t wear Cowboy Hats!

Equipment and Stages

The Cowboy Action League stages consist of Single Action Revolver, Lever action or Pump action Rifles, and Double Barrel or Old Style Pump Shotguns.
The stage shooting positions are set side by side and the targets are placed  from 8 to 15 meters downrange. The targets are steel plates hanging from stands so they deflect the lead bullets down into the round. Scores are rated
as Hit or Miss only. You move from one shooting position the another until all 3 firearms are shot. You are scored on hit or misses
and time to complete.

Contact: CHAS Cowboy Action League, [email protected]

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