RedNeck Rimfire


RedNeck Rimfire is the new league at the Canadian Historical Arms Society (CHAS).  It’s intended to provide shooters with a challenging and fun environment to test their precision and positional shooting skills using .22LR rimfire rifles.


Matches will consist of 8 stages where we will shoot various sizes and shapes of steel targets from different props like barricades, ladders, barrels, etc out to a maximum of 300 meters. Shooters will need 80-90 rounds to complete the course of fire but should bring 150 to 200 rounds for reshoots and side matches.


Shooters will be limited to .22LR rifles only. There are no equipment divisions, if your firearm is mechanically safe and you can operate it in a safe manner you can use it. Shooters will need at least one magazine capable of holding 10 rounds but having two or more is advisable. Various support bags such as Game Changers and sometimes tripods are used by shooters but aren’t “needed” to start this type of shooting matches. The more experienced shooters will typically have these supports and are generally willing to share so don’t let a lack of these things hold you back from attending.


Matches will be run on a COLD range, meaning all firearms will be unloaded, actions open and to the rear, with a visible chamber flag in place and no magazine inserted until the shooter is instructed to load by a Range Officer at the start of a stage.


We are not affiliated with the Canadian Rimfire Precision Series (CRPS), National Rifle League 22 (NRL22) or Precision Rifle Series Rimfire (PRS22) but do generally follow their rules and stage designs so we ask that shooters familiarize themselves with these disciplines. 

For all match days the range will open at 1100hrs.

Shooter signup will be at the Range #1 building.

Match briefing will start at 1030hrs, the first shots down range will start at 1100hrs.

Shooters who are able will be expected to assist with target setup and tear down.

Match fees will be $20 for CHAS members and $40 for non-members.

Chamber flags will be available at the matches for $2.00 each.


For additional information or questions, please contact Greg Wotherspoon at [email protected] 


NOTE:  For Match Dates, please see the calendar.


General Safety

Treat all firearms as though they are loaded even if you believe otherwise.

Keep your finger out of the trigger guard until you are ready to fire.

Always maintain positive control over the weapon when moving with it.

Always wear proper eye and ear protection while on the range.

Never use alcohol or drugs before or while shooting.


Firearm Safety While at a RedNeck Rimfire Match

RedNeck Rimfire competitions are conducted on cold ranges:

  • All firearms are to be unloaded, with magazines removed and bolts / slides to the rearward position. 
  • Chamber flags are to be utilized at all times so that anyone can identify an unloaded firearm.
  • Firearms are to be placed in a range rack, or grounded where a Range Officer has designated what is a safe location and direction when not in use.
  • Firearms may only be loaded under the direction and control of a Range Officer.


Firearm Safety During your Stage

Always wait for the Range Officer’s command of “load and make ready” until you remove your chamber flag and insert magazine, failure to do so will result in a warning. A second offence will result in a stage disqualification (DQ). A third offense will result in a match DQ.

 Any movement to or from shooting positions and during any barricade transitions must be done with:

  • the trigger finger outside of the trigger guard,
  • the bolt to the rear and,
  • an empty chamber. 

The only exception to this rule will be with the use of semi-automatic rifles where the shooter must engage the safety, and yell “safe” loud enough for the Range Officer to hear with ear protection before moving positions.

Moving with your finger in the trigger guard, or with a closed bolt, or with a loaded chamber will result in a warning for the first offence. A second offence will result in a stage DQ. A third offense will result in a match DQ.


During movement, the 120° rule must always be adhered to. The 120° rule refers to only pointing the rifle within 60° of straight forward downrange. There may be stages when a Range Officer reduces the 120° rule even more because of range and or stage setup limitations. Always follow the Range Officers directions and be aware of where you are pointing your rifle.

Failure to abide by the 120° rule will result in a warning for the first offence. A second offence will result in a stage DQ. A third offense will result in a match DQ.

Cheating of any kind will not be tolerated at Red Neck Rimfire events and will result in an immediate match DQ. 

Negligent/Accidental Discharges (AD/ND’s) are taken very seriously. An AD/ND is defined as any round unintentionally discharged from a firearm. 


Negligent/Accidental Discharges (AD/ND’s) include the following: 

  • A shot, which travels over a designated backstop, a berm or in any other direction outside the range span, specified in the written stage briefing or match rules as determined by the Range Officer. Note that a competitor who legitimately fires a shot at the wrong target or with incorrect data, but remains within the established range span, will not be disqualified. 
  • A shot which occurs while actually loading, reloading or unloading a firearm. 
  • A shot which occurs during remedial action in the case of a malfunction. 
  • A shot which occurs during movement/transition. 
  • A shot which occurs when the shooter is not under glass with an established sight picture. 
  • A shot which occurs before the shooter intended to shoot, regardless if the shot remains in the range span. 
  • A shot which occurs during a cease fire period. 

All AD/NDs will result in an immediate Match DQ. 


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